URGENT: Help fix our sewage problem!

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We need your help to fix our sewage problem!

It’s Canada’s 150th Birthday year and wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate it this Spring and Summer without the stench of sewage in the air?

Many of our neighbours have complained about the stench and potential environmental damage being caused by the 40-year old sewage plant in Kilworth. This plant was supposed to be shut down by now. It isn’t. With the recent rains, they’ve also noticed more trucks hauling solid sludge out of the plant at night because it just can’t keep up.

We urgently need you to call our Councillor, Deputy Mayor and Mayor to insist it be shut down now.

  • The Town has a plan to do this.
  • It has the money in the budget.
  • It has all the approvals it needs.
  • But, if it’s not done by March 30, then it can’t be done until next year.
  • Why isn’t it done? That’s what we’d all like to know.
  • Be polite – we want them on our side and I think they genuinely would like to help. Tell them you want it closed NOW & ask them to get it done.

The Kilworth Waste Water Treatment Plant was built in the late 1970’s and has been scheduled for decommissioning for some time. The plan is to treat all of Kilworth and Komoka’s sewage at the new Komoka plant. But, this requires a new sewage Trunk Line and Pumping Station be constructed.

This infrastructure project has taken far longer than is reasonable. The Town set aside $3 million in last year’s budget to finish it – but it hasn’t even started! At our last Public Meeting, public works director Brian Lima said he was just waiting for the Ministry of Environment to approve the project.  The MOE has now given its approvals.

But, the MOE approval requires the construction to be complete by March 30.

NOW is the time to begin this project. The money is in the Town budget. The MOE has given its approvals. Annual Reports from the Kilworth sewage plant show peak sewage volumes happen in the late Spring and early Summer. To avoid another summer of bad smells and possible leaks, we need this project to get started RIGHT NOW.

We need your help!

Can you make 3 phone calls to help prevent a stinky Spring? 

Call members of Council and tell them you want Middlesex Centre to Build the Pumping Station before the SpringRemember to be polite: they’re our neighbours too!

  1. Mayor Al Edmondson (519) 660-0559
  2. Deputy Mayor Aina Deviet (519) 657-3093
  3. Councillor Derek Silva (226) 448-6774

And, we can always use your help financially.  Your donations will help us amplify your voice.

Let’s enjoy a Clean, Green, sweet-smelling Spring 2017. It’s Canada’s 150th – let’s not spoil it with sewage.



#CleanGreen17 #150Clean

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