Update on our traffic concerns

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Just wanted to give you all an update on our development case. Traffic has been a concern of ours since the start of this campaign. For the KKRPA to make a solid case on traffic with the OMB, we need to bring on a traffic specialist. Before retaining such specialists, I wanted to be sure that our concerns could be validated and supported.

I presented the info to a traffic consultant and had a teleconference earlier today. To summarize, we do have valid concerns with traffic in our community as the proposed development currently stands.

She identified issues with the layout, traffic capacity and the flow of traffic. The developer eliminated a collector from the previous plan which would cause a spillover of vehicles to other streets to get to Glendon Rd. The developer has provided no justification for such change.

As an FYI – Glendon itself won’t be an issue with 4-5 lanes projected to start next year.

With this latest information, this puts us in great shape for moving forward. Our goal is to try and come up with a resolution that will give us a win-win plan.

Yesterday I received a generous donation of $400 from one household. I can’t stress enough how important it is that we get all members of our community supporting this campaign. We all need to share in the cost of this endeavour.



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