Residents: Council not acting in our best interest

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kkrpa-lack-of-confidenceThe vast majority of residents in Kilworth and Komoka are concerned that Middlesex Centre Council is not acting in their best interests when it comes to development in the local community, according to a Mainstreet Research survey conducted on July 5, 2016.

“Town Council has ignored public concerns about a proposed development that would build up to 500 new barrack-style homes in a dense development along Glendon Road,” says Darren Micallef, of the Kilworth Komoka Rate Payers Assocation.

“There are several unanswered concerns, including parking and infrastructure issues,” says Micallef. “This is not just ‘NIMBY-ism.’ Similar projects by the same developer have left new residents with no place to park their vehicles. And there’s a very real concern the community does not have enough sewer capacity to service 500 new homes.”

The telephone survey was conducted by Mainstreet Research on the evening of July 5, and included responses from 149 households, about 10 per cent of the households in the community.

89 % of respondents are “Very” (68%) or “Somewhat” (21%) concerned that Middlesex Centre Council may not be managing development in Kilworth and Komoka in the best interest of the local community.

91% of respondents are “Very” (76%) or “Somewhat” (15%) concerned that 500 new homes on Glendon Drive could create sewage overflow that could damage the local environment, existing homes and the Thames River.

76% of respondents are “Very” (52%) or “Somewhat” (24%) concerned that an accident involving trucks carrying solid waste may spill sewage or raw sludge in the community.

The Kilworth Komoka Rate Payers Association is a group of local residents who care about maintaining the community we moved here to enjoy with our families.

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