Nov. 17 Update: We’re making progress!

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Just want to give you an update on our case against the Tridon development….we are making progress!

Not only do we have a planner supporting our case, but we now have a traffic specialist.   Traffic has been a concern of ours since the start of this campaign however, for the KKRPA to make a solid case on traffic with the OMB, we needed to bring on a traffic specialist to get this recognized.

To summarize the traffic specialist, we do have valid concerns with traffic in our community as the proposed development currently stands.  She identified issues with the layout, traffic capacity and the flow of traffic. The developer eliminated a collector from the previous plan which would cause a spillover of vehicles to other streets to get to Glendon Rd.  Tridon, the developer, has provided no justification for such change.

Our next step is to try and mediate a resolution.

As stated before, we can’t do this without funds.  So far, we’ve spent almost $7,500 for lawyers & experts and this does not include the work we will need in the upcoming mediation discussions.

For those who’ve supported us financially, WE THANK YOU.   However we need more households to support us, or we will have no choice but to withdraw from this fight and we will all have to live with the current plan.  TOGETHER, we can make a difference.  TOGETHER, we can welcome a development to our community that we helped change.

Thank you!


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