Oct. 25 Update: We need your help!

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Dear Friend,

I’m writing with some good news – and a request for your help.

On Monday, I attended an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) pre-hearing regarding Tridon Ltd.’s development proposal for the Don Black lands.  Tridon is appealing Middlesex Centre’s refusal to permit a zoning change and its “non-decision” on the proposed subdivision agreement.  In addition, it is asking for an Official Plan amendment to permit snout houses.

The pre-hearing was not a public meeting – so you did not need to attend.  Only parties with official standing in the matter can speak at OMB meetings.  Tridon, the Town of Middlesex Centre and the County of Middlesex are automatically parties to the hearing.  Any other individual or group wishing to be considered in the hearing, must first seek standing as a party to the issue.

Because it is important for our community to have a seat at the table for this important matter, I sought and received official party status on behalf of Kilworth Komoka Rate Payers Association.


This is an important win for us!

It means we will continue to have a voice in this development – as full participants in the OMB process.  We no longer have to rely on the Town or County to make our case for us.  As you know, the Town does not share all of our concerns, so it’s important we make our own case.

A second OMB pre-hearing has been set for March 21, 2017 to consider Tridon’s Official Plan Amendment.  If we are unable to resolve our outstanding concerns with Tridon by then, a full OMB hearing will begin June 12, 2017 and is expected to last at least 7 days.  We will need professional representation – and compelling evidence – to make our case.


Now, we need your help

As I’ve shared before, we have retained a lawyer and a planner to represent us in this matter.  Now that we have official standing, their real work begins.  And that’s where you come in. We need your help.

To prepare our case against traffic congestion, parking chaos, postage-stamp lots and snout houses, we need your financial support.  Many of you have contributed to the Association in the past.  Thank you!  But now, I’m asking each of you to do so again.

Your donation of $250, $100, $50 per household – or whatever you can afford – will help us make our case to the OMB and build a better community.  Your support is essential to our success.


Will you help us fund our OMB activities today?

You can donate to KKRPA in a number of convenient ways:

  • By Credit Card or PayPal:

  • By Cash or Cheque (made out to “Darren Micallef” and put “for KKRPA” on the memo line) at 34 Baron Crescent, Komoka, ON N0L 1R0.

Thank you for your ongoing support!



Darren Micallef

Kilworth Komoka Rate Payers Association


P.S.  If you donate right now, we can get our lawyer and planner started right away!  Every dollar helps.  Thanks – Darren

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